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Pacific Northwest Bleeding Disorders se complace en ofrecer una beca de viaje a la octava conferencia Familia de Sangre 2024 a una persona con un trastorno hemorrágico y un acompañante. La conferencia de desórdenes sanguíneos mas grande en el páis completamente en español.

Comuníquese con PNWBD para obtener más información, requisitos y solicitud.

Pacific Northwest Bleeding Disorders is pleased to offer a $1,000 scholarship for post-secondary education for individuals with a bleeding disorder, & their immediate family members, residing in the state of Oregon or SW Washington.

Contact PNWBD for more information, requirements and application.

Pacific Northwest Bleeding Disorders is pleased to offer a non-voting Teen Leadership position on the PNWBD Board of Directors until the position is filled. Great addition to add on your college application!

Contact PNWBD for more information, requirements and application.

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Pacific Northwest Bleeding Disorders enhances the quality of life for individuals with bleeding disorders and their families through advocacy, assistance, outreach, education and research support.

Bleeding Disorder Advocacy

Madonna McGuire Smith, PNWBD Ex. Director, encourages Gov. Kotek to sign HB 4113 into Law.

Madonna McGuire Smith, PNWBD Ex. Director, stands with Oregon Rep. Levy on HB 4113 regarding banning co-pay accumulators for patient assistance.

Rep. Levy endorses HB 4113 forcing insurers to accept patient assistance toward a person’s deductible.

Nineteen other states have banned Co-Pay Accumulators. Oregon legislators should make Levy’s bill, House Bill 4113, a priority.

Contact your legislators to tell them to support legislation that allows all patient assistance to count towards insurance out-of-pocket maximums. The most common and effective forms are writing a letter, sending an email, calling your legislator, and meeting with your legislator and/or their staff.

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Bleeding Disorders 101

Bleeding disorders are when the blood does not clot properly due to a deficiency or malfunction of clotting factor proteins or platelets. Bleeding disorders causes the body to bleed longer and more frequently than someone without a bleeding disorder. If left untreated, bleeding disorders can lead to chronic pain, arthritis, deformity, and disability.


Youth Effectively Transitioning to Independence promotes confidence & supports teens, 14-20, with bleeding disorders as they transition into independence.

Teens, bleeding disorder organizations, & representatives from treatment centers across the country gather for a weekend for simultaneous teen weekend event & overlapping adult trainer program. YETI is an experiential train-the-trainer weekend conference created by PNWBD. Participants learn and experience the best way to plan and manage a teen program.

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