NBDF Bleeding Disorder Emergency Management Guide

Developed by NBDF’s Medical and Scientific Advisory Council (MASAC), the guidelines address key areas, including triage, assessment, and diagnostics. The document emphasizes the importance of an expeditious and preventative approach to managing bleeding disorders to forestall serious and sometimes life-threatening outcomes that can be avoided by employing a “treat first” strategy.

Included are a list of indications for the initiation of factor replacement therapy, and recommendations for treatment based on several scenarios that encompass inhibitor status, hemophilia type and bleeding severity. The document also contains additional treatment considerations, including guidelines for the appropriate preparation and administration of factor replacement products and DDAVP.

The Bleeding Disorders GUIDELINES pocket guide was created to provide guidance to emergency department personnel who may encounter patients presenting with a bleeding disorder.

NBDF has partnered with Guideline Central to make these guidelines accessible in a variety of formats: