Frequently Asked Questions


Are we required to have three people from our area attend YETI or can we attend with fewer?

The YETI sponsors would like to have at least a volunteer from the bleeding disorder organization and a member of the HTC staff attend together. The teen is an optional attendee but is very useful to have when planning events locally.

What if we can’t get someone from the HTC to attend with us, does that keep us from participating?

Contact PNWBD to discuss the options available. The short answer is that PNWBD has worked with many locations in the past who did not have a member of their HTC on the team. You can email PNWBD at to discuss the options.

Is every area required to have a teen attend?

No, the teen is the bonus attendee. It is strongly encouraged but not required. The local organization is responsible for the cost of the teen flights to and from Portland, OR for the YETI Conference.

What is the cost to attend YETI?

Attending YETI is FREE! With one exception – PNWBD asks that the locations bringing a teen pay for the airfare for the teen to attend. PNWBD asks that the local organizations purchase the airfare for those attending and then be reimbursed after the attendees arrive to YETI. PNWBD will not reimburse any airfare for people who cancel or do not attend YETI, no matter the reason for not attending. Receipts for all expenses are required for reimbursement.

What are the covered costs for YETI?

PNWBD will reimburse airfare or mileage, if within driving distance, baggage costs to and from Portland, and flight insurance, if purchased. Receipts are required for all reimbursements.

What ages are accepted as teen attendees?

PNWBD encourages the teen attendees to be between 16 and not yet 21, however, 18 – 21 years old is much better for independent travel. If teens are younger than 18 we ask that one of the attendees accompany the teen during travel.

Does it have to be an employee of the local bleeding disorder organization or can it be a volunteer?

It is the choice of the local organization as to who participates in YETI. PNWBD suggests that it be someone who is interested in teen programming, plans to remain connected with the organization for many years and will represent the organization well at YETI.

Have more questions? Contact Madonna at,