What We Do

PNWBD monitors legislation that affects the bleeding disorders community and advocates for changes in policy when needed. We work hard to keep up to date on issues and work to educate our local politicians and health care officials about bleeding disorders and the resources for those affected to maintain the quality of life.

You Can Make a Difference!

You have the power to impact the future of your own access to better treatment and care through your own advocacy. Policymakers in Salem, OR and Washington, DC need to hear from you in order to make educated and informed decisions on legislation impacting you and your family. Their awareness of bleeding disorders starts with you. Become your own advocate and make a difference.

How Can You Engage Your Legislators?

As a constituent, advocacy is a powerful tool. There are many ways you can reach your legislators. The most common and effective forms are writing a letter, sending an email, calling your legislator, and meeting with your legislator and/or their staff. Learn how to get in touch with your federal, state, and local elected leaders at

Insurance Forum

Pacific Northwest Bleeding Disorders (PNWBD) holds an annual Insurance Forum during October, just prior to most open enrollment periods for medical health insurance plans. Traditionally, speakers have represented the following: Medicare/Medicaid office, Insurance Commissioner’s office and an insurance broker who writes medical insurance plans for large employer groups, market place policies and individual health insurance plans. Other topics presented at the forum have included: insurance basics, accumulators/maximizers, new therapies: How to approach getting these therapies covered by insurance, future of Medicaid: What does it include? and marketplace plans: open enrollment dates, rules and subsidies. Join us in fall of 2022.

We can help!

Just contact us to find out more about becoming an effective advocate at

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