Camp Box

Did you receive a camp box from The HTC? This box is a See-You-Next-Year Box! Some of the included materials represent traditions from Camp Tapawingo, Oregon, and Southwest Washington’s camp for kids with bleeding disorders and their siblings aged 8-17. The remaining materials are to be used for activities during this year’s virtual Camp Connectawingo 2.0 – don’t open, eat, or lose any of those materials! They will be used for a weekend packed with fun activities.

Gaga Ball

If you have free time at Camp Tapawingo, odds are you’re playing Gaga! Gaga is a type of dodgeball that is much safer to play at bleeding disorders camp as you can only hit people in the legs. Included in your See-You-Next-Year Box is a mini gaga ball, inflate it to play and keep your skills sharp!

Friendship Bracelets

One of the downsides of not being able to have Camp Tapawingo in-person is missing out on spending time with all your camp friends. Included in your box are the supplies to make friendship bracelets to share with your friends when we can finally go back to Camp Tapawingo. See the link below for four different bracelet-making techniques.

Wood Cookie

At Camp Tapawingo, every camper, counselor, or staff member wears a wood cookie with their name on it. This lets everyone know your name and shows you are a part of the camp! We have included a wood cookie to wear during this year’s virtual Camp Connectawingo and to bring to Camp Tapawingo next year! Just grab a Sharpie and write your name, then tie the string.



S’mores are a very popular camping treat. We’ve included all the supplies you need to make a s’more at home. Make sure to check if the included materials fit with any dietary restrictions! Learn how to make a fireless s’more by visiting the link below:

Indoor S’mores Recipe

Dance Party Glow Sticks

Each year, Camp Tapawingo has a final night party with glow sticks, dancing, and having fun with your friends from the week. As a reminder of those fun times, we’ve included some glow sticks so you can have a dance party at home!

Make sure to register for the virtual Camp Connectawingo 2.0 (July 30-August 1st) to join us for a weekend of fun!

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